12 Health Benefits of Eating Kiwifruit, You Must Know.

Kiwifruits benefitsKiwifruit that has Latin name Actinidia Deliciosa has various important content for our body such as vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin A, beta-carotene, folate, thiamine and of course rich in vitamin C. Kiwifruit contains a measured amount of oxalate, a substance that occurs naturally in many plants and animals. When oxalates become too concentrated in body fluids, they can crystallize and cause health problems. People with kidney or gallbladder problems should avoid kiwifruit. There is a lot of controversy about the amount needed to be significant, especially from plants.

Kiwi is one of the fruits that are rich in vitamin C, more than 150% of the requirement per day. Kiwis also include a source of vitamin K, E, and good dietary fiber. Vitamin A, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin as well as vitamin B complexes such as folate, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine are also found in kiwis although the amount is not as much as vitamin C, K, and E.

Part of the flesh and kiwi skin contains flavonoids and actinidain, while the seeds are equipped with alpha-linolenic acid and omega-3. Kiwi also has various minerals and electrolytes such as potassium, copper, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, and zinc. Below this, 12 health benefits of eating kiwifruit, you must know:

1. Helping the destruction.

Experiencing digestive disorders is certainly very uncomfortable because it can make you hard to eat, even the body’s metabolism will be disrupted, causing you to become fatter because the fat in the body cannot be solved properly. This should be overcome with kiwifruit.

Consuming kiwi fruit every day will make you avoid constipation, difficulty eating, and other digestive problems.

Kiwifruit that can be used as a digestive tract is very good for those of you who experience the disorder because it can help you to launch it using enzymes that exist in kiwi fruit. Raw kiwi itself contains actinidain, a protein-soluble anime that can digest food similar to papain present in papaya or bromelain present in pineapple.So when you have digestive problems that make you fat fast, try to overcome with kiwi fruit.

2. Managing Blood Pressure.

When a person has low blood pressure, he will often get dizzy when standing up from a seat, and when experiencing high blood can often faint and experience pain in the head. Even high blood will often recur when many thoughts.

Kiwifruit comes with its benefits for you, it will make your blood pressure more stable because kiwi fruit contains high potassium levels so it can keep the electrolyte in balance and counteract the effects of sodium.

3. Prevent Asthma.

According to research conducted in Italy, kiwi fruit can also prevent and overcome the disease of asthma. Patients with asthma can consume kiwi fruit as much as 5 – 7 grains every day to get maximum results. Kiwifruit is also used to relieve flu and cough naturally.

4. Maintaining the Health of Pregnant Women.

Pregnant women will usually be attacked by various diseases, ranging from digestion, flu, cough and so forth. Well, this kiwi fruit can be a good alternative medicine. Why is that? because kiwi fruit contains various nutrients needed by the body. So this kiwi fruit is very good and safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.

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5. Help to remove toxins from the body.

The fuzzy fiber in the kiwifruit helps to increase and remove toxins from your digestive tract and throw them away so that your digestion is not disturbed, and toxins cannot be absorbed by your body and body as well. So consume kiwi fruit every day in the right dose.

6. Maintaining Heart Health.

Eating 2-3 kiwifruit per day will reduce the potential for blood clots by 18% and reduce triglycerides by 15%.Many people use aspirin to reduce blood clotting, but it will only cause some side effects including with inflammation and intestinal bleeding.That’s why kiwifruit is the solution because the benefits of kiwi fruit become anti-freezing which has absolutely no side effects.

7. Protects from DNA Damage.

A study by Collins, Horska, and Hotten suggests that the unique combination of antioxidants in kiwifruit helps protect cell DNA from oxidative damage. Some experts conclude this can help prevent cancer.

8. Protecting Against Macular Degeneration and Other Eye Problems.

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in older adults. A study of more than 110,000 men and women showed that eating 3 or more servings of fruit per day decreased macular degeneration by 36%. It is thought to be associated with high levels of kiwi that lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which are natural chemicals found in the human eye. Although both fruits and vegetables are studied, this same effect is not shown for vegetables.

9. For Alkaline Balance.

Kiwi is included in the ‘most alkaline’ category for fruits, which means it has a rich supply of minerals to replace the excess acid, most people consume kiwifruit. Some of the benefits of a balanced acid/base body for young skin, deeper sleep, abundant physical energy, preventing colds, reducing arthritis, and reducing osteoporosis.

10. Source of antioxidants.

Kiwi offers high levels of vitamin C along with other polyphenolic compounds and carotenoids that act as antioxidants. One study showed that Kiwi has a stronger antioxidant quality than oranges and grapefruit. The abundance of phytochemical compounds in the kiwi makes it capable of protecting DNA in cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

11. Increase endurance.

Regular consumption of kiwi can help combat infections and germs that cause disease thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. Research shows that kiwi extracts can resist various pathogen attacks including Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus pyogenes, and reduce symptoms of fever, flu, and respiratory infection.

12. Increases the absorption of iron.

The benefits of kiwi are no less important is its ability to increase the absorption of iron by the body. Vitamin C and phytochemicals lutein and zeaxanthin help improve the status of iron and prevent iron deficiency. Comparative studies between kiwi and banana show that consumption of kiwi and iron-rich cereals can improve the status of iron in the body better than bananas.

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