A Harmony of The Alps.

Slovenia tourist attractions can be your choice to savor the beauty of the nature of the alpine mountain. Slovenia is a coastal sub-Alps country in southern Europe. Bordering Italy on the west, the Adriatic Sea in the southwest, Croatia in the south and east, Hungary in the northeast, and Austria in the north. This country holds a variety of charms, ranging from the uniqueness of Human Fish which only found in the freshwater ponds of Slovenia’s under caves. The beauty of Lake Bled that is second to none, and the fresh breeze of the Alps Mountain.


15-Slovenia attractions.

1. Ljubljana City.

Ljubljana is a Slovenia Capital. This charming little city once won the European Green Capital award in 2016. The city is quite encouraging environmental preservation, and it can be seen from the many residents who choose to go on activities by bicycle. Buses generally use environmentally friendly gas fuel. In every corner of the city, you will see a row of trash cans arranged according to the type of garbage.


The old town of Ljubljana has a line of shops that you can stop by. Not all of them are shops with well-known brands, but what’s interesting about this line of shops is that you can find lots of interesting knick-knacks made by native Slovenians.

In the morning, you can hold a leisurely stroll in the Central Market which offers a variety of fresh food of vegetables and fruit. A row of small kiosks also peddles hand-made household items that are assuredly unique. In the corner of the market, there is also a food truck. If you want to taste typical Slovenian food or snacks, then stop by at one of the food trucks that offer a variety of seafood.

Not far from Central Market, you can walk along the Ljubljanica River with a row of restaurants and cafes, and take a photo on the Dragon Bridge which is also an icon of the City of Ljubljana. This bridge was built in the early 20th century when Ljubljana was still part of the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom.




Triple Bridge.

In the center of the city, there is also a Triple Bridge, which is three bridges that cross over the Ljubljanica River. Based on historical documents, it was mentioned that the construction of a wooden bridge in 1280 was the beginning of the Triple Bridge.

The wooden bridge is known as the Old Bridge and later named Lower Bridge. In 1842 the Lower Bridge was renovated in honor of Prince Franz Karl of Austria. It was also seen in the Latin writing written on the bridge, namely “ARCHIDVCI. FRANCISCO. CAROLO. MDCCCXLII. CIVITAS “, which means To Archduke Franz Karl in 1842 by the Town.


Ljubljana Castle.

From the city center, you can also see the splendor of Ljubljana Castle on a hilltop with views overlooking the city. To go upstairs, you can take an electric train with 10 euros per person, or 7 euros for children and the elderly. The ticket is also included with tickets to enter the castle which reaches 900 this year.


2. Maribor city.

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia. Maribor is 127 km from Ljubljana. The city located along the Drava river. On the river, there is a small island call Mariborski Otok which has the oldest public bathing place in Slovenia. In the Maribor region, there are two hills, Calvary Hill and Pyramid Hill. These two hills surrounded by wineries. From the two hills, visitors can enjoy the scenery of the city of Maribor and the villages inhabited south of the Drava river. Meanwhile, at the northern end of the city, is the ruins of Maribor Castle, which build in the 11th century.


3. Kranjska Gora.

This beautiful city locates in the Julian mountains alps and the banks of the Dorinka river in the northwestern region of Slovenia. The city is famous for ski tours in winter. In this city, the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup is held every year. The city area has 18 ski lines with an altitude of 800 meters-1250 meters which equipped with 6 chairlifts and 13 drag lifts. Planica, locate in Tamar Valley, is one of the most popular ski trails.



4. Lake Bled.

It’s one of the best Slovenia lake attractions. The city of Bled must be part of your bucket list and don’t forget to try the legendary Bled cream cake. The city is known by the beauty of the lake and castle which stands 130 meters above the lake. Based on the plenty of historical records, Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia. It holds more than 1,000 years old. By the terrace of this castle, you will see an astonishing panorama of Lake Bled and a small island in the middle of the lake. In the distance, you can see a natural harmony of Slovenia by the astounding array of Julian Alps.


5. Lake Bohinj.

Lake Bohinj has even been a haven for famous novelist Agatha Christie to philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre. It is said that Agatha Christie captured by the charm of this place. But he never made this place a ‘setting’ for his many stories about murder. He said that this place was ‘too beautiful to be a place of murder’. Lake Bohinj has an area of around 318 hectares and is included in the Triglav National Park area. Clear lake water and calm ambiance around. This area is far from the frenzied urban life.


6. Triglav National Park.

Triglav National Park is a surely gorgeous place of the Slovenia attractions. There you can do some adrenalin activities such as rock climbing, white water rafting, and hiking. The scenery is incredible! Most nature lovers must fall in love with its amazing mountain peaks. You should visit the Triglav national park, which offers kayaking and rafting. But most importantly, you must see the beauty of the river that flows from lakes, ravines, and waterfalls.


7. Karst Plain.

The Karst Plain is a limestone plateau border in the southwestern region of Slovenia that extends to northeast Italy. Kras is more precisely between the Vipava Valley and the low hills surrounding the valley, the western hills of Brkini, northern Istria, and the Gulf of Trieste. The west bank of the plateau also marks the traditional ethnic border between Italy and Slovenia. From one side of the cliff, you will see an amazing view. As far as the eye can see, you will see the green color of the bush combined with the white color of limestone at an altitude, while beneath it the stretch of blue sea stretches beautifully.


8. Skocjan Cave.

Skocjan Cave is a cave system in Slovenia. This cave was in the list of natural sites and inheritance of UNESCO world culture in 1986. International scientific circles have recognized the importance of this cave as one of the natural treasures of planet Earth. Skocjan Cave is the most significant underground phenomenon, both in the Karst region and Slovenia. Being in this cave, you will see beautiful natural carvings carved on the rock walls.


9. Postojna Cave.

Postojna cave is the most famous cave in Europe and is the longest cave in Slovenia with a length of approximately 20 Km. This cave has been known and found since the 17th abab. This cave is recorded as the only cave that can be entered by an old train. The railway in this cave is noted to be approximately 140 years old.


10. Vilenica Cave.

Vilenica Cave in Lokev is the Slovenia oldest cave attractions. The first tourists in this cave have been recorded since 1633. Until the mid-19th century, Vilenica Cave was known as the largest, most beautiful, and the most visited cave of the Classic Karst cave type. Vilenica Cave has a length of more than 1,300 meters with a depth of 180 meters. Tourists are only allowed to enter the depth of the first 450 meters of the cave.


11. Križna Jama.

Križna Jama or “Cross Cave”, has a length almost equal to the height of Mount Everest. However, this cave is still considered a medium-sized cave for Slovenia. Križna Jama is a beautiful and highly protected cave formation (less than 1,000 visitors allowed per year), inside it is an emerald green pool that is interconnected with the Bloke plateau. Križna has a rich biodiversity that makes it one of the largest single ecosystems in the world.


12. Predjama Castle.

Indeed is a unique castle. The castle with the name Predjama in Slovenia has become one of the architectural buildings of the past that must be maintained. This castle is also unique with its location attached to karst cliffs. This castle features Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles. This castle is located at the mouth of the bat cave. The height of this cave reaches 123 meters above ground level. The interior is also worth exploring, offering adventure in a labyrinth of interesting underground tunnels that connect directly to the karst cave.


13. Vintgar Gorge.

Vintgar Gorge or Vintgar Soteska is a ravine carved by the Radovna River. The 1,600-meter water flow in the Triglav National Park Region, in the Northwest of Slovenia, is a Slovenia tourist attraction that is a pity to miss.

Vintgar Gorge began as a tourist attraction in 1893. Since then, the clear waters of the Radovna River fenced by stone walls towering tens of meters above the head continue to attract tourists from all corners of the world. Vintgar Gorge is 4 km from Bled City. To achieve this, Friend Traveler can use the bus from the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, to Bled City. Travel time to reach this city is around 1 hour 20 minutes.


14. Soca Valley.

The Soca Valley in Slovenia is known for its beautiful trekking area. The Soca Valley has a 90-kilometer trekking track. The river with turquoise green flows swerving between the green trees. You can see the mountains towering beautifully. Natural rocks form the trekking area so interesting. It makes many nature lovers travel here.


15. The City of Piran.

Piran is on the Slovenian coastline between Italy and Croatia. The city was once ruled by Venice, so most the environment is similar to Italy. The city of Piran is one of the three main cities of Slovenian Istria. The city is like a large open-air museum, with medieval architecture and a rich cultural heritage. Narrow streets and houses with ancient buildings that are typically compact give their own charm. This makes Piran one of the main tourist attractions in Slovenia.


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