Month: January 2018

7 Reasons Why Sitting Too Long is Bad for Health.

Why sitting too long is bad for health? Previously you may have often heard about the risk of disease that can occur in people who like to sit for long. Even the risk of disease persists even if the person has been exercising regularly. According to some previous studies, those who sit more than nine

Various Amazing Benefits of Cranberries for Our Good Health.

Cranberry fruit has a shape similar to grapes, round and small. However, the fruit tends to have a bright red color like a cherry. In addition to beautiful, who would have thought that this Cranberry fruit has a lot of nutritional content. This Cranberry fruit has vitamin C, Vitamin B, calories, Vitamin A, potassium, folate,

12 Benefits of Consuming Dragon Fruit For Our Health

Dragon fruit is related to the type of cactus plant from the genera Selenicereus and Hylocereus. This fruit was first discovered in Central America, Mexico City. Currently, dragon fruit has been widely cultivated in various countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Okinawa, South China, Australia, and Indonesia. Some types of cactus that produce dragon

Preventing High Blood Pressure: Tips on Controlling Prehypertension

When blood pressure increases slightly, also called prehypertension, you may not be too concerned about it. Many consider this not a serious matter. However, blood pressure that is less than normal can turn out to be a danger. Is this prehypertensive condition bound to develop into hypertension (high blood pressure)? What is prehypertension? Prehypertension is

Hypertension/high blood pressure-The Sillent Killer.

Hypertension/high blood pressure is a condition that occurs when a certain amount of blood is pumped by the heart exceeds the ability that the artery wall can accommodate. When the amount of blood is high, complications can occur depending on the relationship between blood count and arterial capacity. The more blood flow and the narrower

6 Health Benefits of Your Healthy Living.

Healthy living is very good for your life, body, mind, and appearance. Healthy living can also prevent various illnesses from coming, and you will become fresher every day. In addition, healthy living can help you fight against various diseases that might attack us at any time. With a healthy life, the huge costs incurred for

10 Benefits of Mint Leaf for Health.

Mint Leaf (Mentha piperita L.) is one of the aromatic herbs that produce essential oils called oil candy (peppermint oil). When the oil candy (peppermint oil) is processed further will be obtained menthol content. The distillation is carried out at 70-80% of menthol content in peppermint oil by reducing the pressure so that the white

Be aware of Gingivitis: The Causes and Symptoms of Gingivitis.

Beware of gingivitis diseases, do not underestimate this disease. Often gingivitis rarely causes pain so often it is not recognized by the sufferer and sometimes underestimated.Gingivitis is an inflammatory condition that occurs in the gums, the soft tissues that surround the teeth. Gums are one of the components of the periodontal tissue. Periodontal tissue itself

The Importance of Vegetables for Our Health

  Eating Vegetables is a must for those aware of the importance of vegetables for our health. Because not all of the nutrients needed by the body exist in animal products. But humans also still need to consume animal products for the same reason. The body also needs a lot of protein and fatty acids,

12 Health Benefits of Eating Kiwifruit, You Must Know.

Kiwifruit that has Latin name Actinidia Deliciosa has various important content for our body such as vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin A, beta-carotene, folate, thiamine and of course rich in vitamin C. Kiwifruit contains a measured amount of oxalate, a substance that occurs naturally in many plants and animals. When oxalates become too concentrated in