Month: September 2018

Sports for People with Knee Pain.

Do you remember when you were little, you often fell, which parts of the body were most often injured or bleeding? Of course, most of you will answer your knee. Adults often experience knee pain. People with knee pain can be due to various things, such as injury or others. The knee is the most

Honey Face Mask Benefits.

Honey is one of the natural ingredients that have been proven to have many benefits for beauty. The goodness of honey makes it one of the most popular face mask ingredients. Honey face mask benefits are believed to help overcome facial skin problems and also beautify the face. You can also directly make a mask

Does Green Coffee Help Reduce Weight?

Does green coffee help reduce weight? Green coffee for diet is considered to be able to lose weight and lately has become popular among people who are trying to lose weight. In addition to being said to help reduce weight, the effect can also reduce blood pressure. Basically, the green coffee bean extract is taken from

Can I Drink Decaf Coffee?

Those of you who are used to drinking coffee and are in pregnancy may consider switching to consuming decaf coffee. Indeed the amount of caffeine in decaf coffee is far less than that of regular coffee, but does it makes decaf coffee more safe for consumption for pregnant women? The answer is related to the