12 Benefits of Consuming Dragon Fruit For Our Health

Dragon fruit is related to the type of cactus plant from the genera Selenicereus and Hylocereus. This fruit was first discovered in Central America, Mexico City. Currently, dragon fruit has been widely cultivated in various countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Okinawa, South China, Australia, and Indonesia.

Some types of cactus that produce dragon fruit include:

  • Hylocereus undatus, whose fruit is red with white flesh.
  • Hylocereus polyrhizus, whose fruit is pink with red flesh.
  • Selenicereus megalanthus, with yellow fruit skin and white flesh.
  • Hylocereus costaricensis, dragon fruit with very red fruity color.

This fruit is very good to be consumed regularly. The content in it proved able to strengthen the body’s immune system, in addition, there are many other vitamin contents in it. Benefits of dragon fruit content are very good for the fulfillment of vitamin and mineral requirement on the human body.

The benefits of consuming dragon fruit are very diverse. Starting from the benefits that can be felt directly by the body to the benefits that are not felt directly or long term.

1. Lowers high cholesterol levels.

One of the important benefits of dragon fruit, especially for people who have prohibited doctors eat ‘delicious’, The benefit is to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. Dragon fruit has a high vitamin B3 content, which benefits very important for high cholesterol patients, in order to reduce levels of LDL so as to prevent the onset of the risk of serious illness, such as heart attack.

In a clinical study published in the American Journal of Applied Sciences, pages 1341-1346, edition of 2009. It says that the consumption of dragon fruit for five weeks can effectively reduce total cholesterol levels in the body.

2. Preventing obesity, helping to lose weight.

Dragon fruit has a pretty good protein that content, other than that dragon fruit low fat and carbohydrate content. With such content weight, dragon fruit becomes very suitable for you who want to keep the weight so as not to overweight, or for those of you who want to lose weight.

Protein content can be relied upon for the body needs in producing energy every day. Besides also the low fat and carbohydrate content does not make you fat.

3. Preventing Diabetes Mellitus.

Routine consumption of dragon fruit (at least 1 times a week) is used to prevent diabetes. Content in the fruit serves to kill the bad cells in the body arising from eating unhealthy foods.

Based on research by experts conducted by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Universiti Sains Malaysia, and published in the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. There it is stated that dragon fruit rich in betacyanin content (antioxidants) are used to prevent the risk of diabetes.

In another study, researchers observed that patients with type 2 diabetes were asked not to be dependent on insulin. However, they were given 600 daily doses of red dragon fruit gm for four weeks. After the observation was completed, it was found that there was a decrease in blood sugar levels by more than 19% in diabetic patients.

The content of flavonoid antioxidants in dragon fruit plays a major role in the decrease in blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.For people with type 2 diabetes, you can take advantage of dragon fruit because it helps control sugar levels in the body.

4. Prevent heart attack

Dragon fruit has a useful fiber content to prevent the occurrence of inflammation, as well as overcoming hypertension (lowering high blood pressure). That way, to maintain your heart health, especially to avoid the name of heart attack, then try to start consuming dragon fruit. Dragon fruit seeds contain natural oils and fatty acids in the form of linoleic and oleic acids (Omega-3 and Omega-9). The content has great benefits for heart health.

5. Heals a cough and asthma.

This cough disease is commonly experienced by people, so many people underestimate cough diseases. Although the impact of cough disease is not serious, in a situation can lead to shortness of breath. The most range is for people with asthma, where ‘complications’ cough and asthma can torture breathing.Consumption of dragon fruit helps to relieve symptoms of a cough and asthma, so the symptoms are not too bad.

6. Helps the formation of red blood cells.

The body is in need of the sufficient number of red blood cells. The formation of red virgin cells can be due to the help of vitamin B12 or riboflavin nutrients consumed from food. Dragon fruit there are vitamin B12 nutrients in it, the amount is quite a lot. Therefore, the consumption of dragon fruit is beneficial for the process of formation of red blood cells in the body.

7. Maintain the health of the gut organs.

The habit of people who like the consumption of food in large quantities can lead to intestinal organ function becomes heavy so the intestinal organs will work very hard. You can minimize the problem of the intestine organ glands are too heavy, by consuming dragon fruit on a regular basis.

That’s because the fiber content in the dragon fruit serves to relieve heavy intestine work. In dragon fruit, there is a fairly high fiber content, which is beneficial for the health of the intestinal organs.

8. Increase your appetite.

If you feel lazy to eat, or most often are children who are hard to eat. So that can give the dragon fruit intake so that food desires become arise. That’s because in the dragon fruit contain vitamin B2 and B1 that serves to stimulate the desire to consume food.

9. Prevent premature aging.

Bodies that are often exposed to dirt and pollution dust are at risk for premature aging. Where the skin is exposed to pollution and free radical attacks further accelerate the process of premature aging. This problem can be overcome by sufficient antioxidant to the body. And in the dragon fruit contained a fairly high antioxidant substance, which is useful to prevent premature aging.

Aging is caused by cell damage from free radicals. Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals and slow the aging process. The benefits make the skin look younger and smoother.

10. Reduces Cramps in the Body.

High levels of calcium, phosphorus, and iron in the dragon fruit, help to overcome the problems of cramps that often appear on the body. So it is advisable to consume dragon fruit for those who like cramps in the body.

11. Benefits for pregnant women.

Pregnant women are a must to eat healthy fruits that contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and fatty acids. The important content is contained in red fleshy dragon fruit. Consuming it provides great benefits for pregnant women and prospective babies. Iron content in dragon fruit is important for pregnant women to avoid iron deficiency problems. This helps to prevent anemia. Folate content is useful for the formation of red blood cells.

12. Overcoming high blood pressure.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) occurs due to the blockage of the arteries in the body. Eating dragon helps the body to smooth the flow of blood, which can reduce the risk of hypertension. Thus, it is recommended for people with hypertension to consume dragon fruit.

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