12 Beneficial Essential Nutrients of Cantaloupe for Health.

Another fruit that can not be missed for consumption, namely cantaloupe. Cantaloupe has many beneficial essential nutrients that are good for your body health. This one fruit is almost similar to melon fruit, but the flesh is yellow. It was sweet and fresh. Cantaloupe fruit is often processed into a mixture of fruit juice along with other fruit. Cantaloupe has the Latin name Curcumis melon and is indeed a kind of melon. Also still siblings with pumpkins and cucumbers because of the tree that grows propagate in other plants.

Cantaloupe Benefits that good for your health

Cantaloupe also has some vitamin content needed by the body. This fruit contains vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, folate, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, and chrome. So no wonder if the fruit cantaloupe is a special fruit to help in supporting your health.Behind its refreshing fruit flesh, cantaloupe turns out to be a huge benefit to the health of the body. This is because the nutrients contained in this fruit is very abundant.

Cantaloupe is known to have a lot of nutritional content of minerals and vitamins and dietary fiber that is beneficial to increase endurance. Cantaloupe contains high levels of vitamin A, which is 3382IU per 100 grams of fruit so it can suffice up to 68% daily requirement of vitamin A. The content of vitamin C is also quite high, ie 36.7 mg per 100 grams of fruit to be able to meet 61% daily requirement of vitamin C.

Cantaloupe is also rich in potassium minerals of 267 mg per 100 grams of fruit (sufficient 8% daily requirement of potassium). Besides cantaloupe also contains folic acid as much as 21 mcg per 100 grams of fruit (sufficient 5% daily requirement will be folate).

The benefits of cantaloupe for health.

Lowers cholesterol.

The high vitamin C in cantaloupe can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood so as to maintain cardiovascular health. Vitamin C is also used to prevent blood clots and strengthen capillary walls.

Controlling blood pressure.

The next beneficial of cantaloupe is a blood pressure controller. This fruit has a good compound for the blood in your body so the increase in pressure can be lowered. That is why this fruit is able to be a preventive food for hypertension.

Smooth digestion.

The fruit of cantaloupe has fiber content. As with most other fruits, fiber content can maintain gastrointestinal health. Fiber serves to keep the intestines working smoothly in digesting food. Fiber can make bowel movements work more smoothly so it can keep the bowel process (BAB) remains smooth. Therefore, the body can avoid interference such as constipation or difficult bowel movements. Better benefit is that the body or gastrointestinal tract can avoid the risk of colorectal cancer or so-called colon cancer

Helps the growth of the fetus.

For pregnant women, consuming cantaloupe is also recommended. This fruit contains many vitamins and minerals that can increase the growth of the fetus. So that both mother and fetus will also develop according to the level of health of pregnant women.

Low sugar.

Cantaloupe also has a low glycemic index (GI), fructose and glucose contained in cantaloupe is a simple natural sugar, so it is safe for diabetics and obesity. Cantaloupe can also reduce uric acid.

Lose weight.

Low content of sugar and calories contained in this fruit cantaloupe can be used as a very natural weight loss and herbs. So many diet programs and maintain a healthy body by multiplying the fruit consumption of this cantaloupe.

Prevent Cancer.

The rich content of vitamin C found in cantaloupe turns out that besides functioning as lowering blood pressure and also lowering cholesterol it also can prevent the risk of heart disease. In this Treatment according to the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) recommend to consume beta-carotene every day between 5-6 mg for health and also prevent heart disease.

Eye health.

In the cantaloupe contain vitamin A which has benefits to maintain eye health for pregnant women. Vitamin A or precursor beta-carotene in the fruit cantaloupe was very high. In one study it was said that this carotenoid content could be 30 times higher than fresh orange. Even said to be comparable to the content in the carrot. With the presence of vitamin A is expected to maintain and improve visual function. In addition, with the presence of vitamin C, is expected to provide benefits that can reduce the risk of cataracts, and protect the central part of the cell vision (macula).

Skin health.

Vitamin A and vitamin C are also contained in the fruit cantaloupe to maintain healthy skin. Expected by consuming regular cantaloupe then the body’s need for these vitamins can be met, without fear of excessive. Because the body will only use as much as it needs. In maintaining skin health, antioxidant benefits are able to keep the skin from damage or contamination from the outside of the skin. Vitamin derived from the fruit cantaloupe able to keep the skin in the process of regenerating the skin. It is also included in the healing process of the skin after injury.

Prevents the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a health condition in which the body is at risk of metabolic disorders that can be marked by an increase in blood pressure (hypertension), increased blood sugar, fat accumulation (fat), and elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. As a result of this metabolic syndrome can cause the risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

Lowering stress.

When the body is stressed, it can be triggered by the release of stress hormones and the lack of blood supply to the brain. This can happen due to psychological factors that can affect stress levels. In the fruit cantaloupe contains potassium. The effect of potassium on blood vessels is to dilate blood vessels. Expected from these effects, then the blood flow to the brain can run smoothly. With a smooth flow of blood, the oxygen supply to the brain can run smoothly so as to make the brain calmer. In addition, with the effects of potassium, is expected to inhibit the release of stress hormones in the brain, such as the hormone cortisol.

Treating joint pain.

Phytochemical content of cantaloupe can provide an anti-inflammatory effect. This can indirectly cause a decrease in the occurrence of joint pain by inhibiting or preventing inflammatory processes in the joints. Inflammation that occurs in the joints can provide pain, especially in the joints of gestures and most often eg knee. By inhibiting inflammatory processes it is desirable to release chemical mediators that stimulate pain receptors in the local part of the inflammatory area in order to reduce pain.

Surely there are many more benefits contained in cantaloupe. Consuming cantaloupe can be one way to maintain your health.

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