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Oily Skin: How To Reduce Oil in Your Face.

Clean and moist skin must be everyone’s dream. With regular and proper oily skin care, the skin can look healthier. Our body does produce natural oils to moisturize the skin. However, Excess oil can also close the pores and develop into a nest of bacteria that trigger various types of acne. Increasing oil on the

Pomegranate Benefits for Skin.

Pomegranate have pretty much benefits for your skin. Pomegranate quite often uses in ingredients of skin care products. Pomegranates contain antioxidants, vitamin K, vitamin C, and other minerals. The content believes to be able to maintain the health of your skin. Pomegranate is a plant of Punica and family Punicaceae with the scientific name Punica granatum.

Key Strategies To Successfully Lose Weight.

Success in losing weight is not an easy matter. The process of weight loss is not merely a matter of diet and regular exercise. Have you implemented yourself with key strategies to lose your weight? Doing a diet without special preparation will not make the effects of weight loss last long, said Brian Quebbemann, MD,

Coffee Scrub for Skin: Eliminating Panda Eyes and Cellulite.

Coffee Scrub can be your alternative to treat skin and eliminate cellulite naturally. Drinking coffee has become an essential part of daily habits for many people. When you consider the benefits of coffee for the body – that is as a morning boost and rich in antioxidants – coffee can also be our beauty care habit.

How to get rid of blackheads with honey.

Honey evidently can also be a natural ingredient for removing blackheads. Blackheads are one of the most common skin problems experienced by everyone, both women and men. Blackheads appear due to lack of hygiene so that the dirt will enter the pores of the skin and clog pores called blackheads which then make the skin look

13-Effective Ways To Overcome Stretch Marks On The Hips.

Stretch marks on the hips, although remaining on part of the body that is not visible, it still can make us less confident. Moreover, stretch marks basically cannot be completely removed permanently. But annoying stretch marks can be camouflaged in several ways. Overcome stretch marks on the hips with topical medication. Tretinoin cream. Tretinoin cream

7 Healthy Drinks to Start Your Healthy Days.

Healthy drinks for your Healthy days. After sleeping all night, the body is prone to dehydration because it doesn’t get any fluid intake. You should immediately drink after waking up. Various studies have shown that the healthiest time to drink coffee is not the morning. Instead, try mixing a selection of healthy drinks in the morning so you can

Best Time To Eat Fruit.

Best Time To Eat Fruit. Eat fruit at the right time will make the body healthier. As health experts suggest to chose the right time when consuming fruits. Nutrition health expert from Mumbai, Deepshika Agarwal provides unique tips on consuming fruits. According to him, absorbing the right fruit at the right time, the body will be more

Benefits of Used Tea Bag for Eyes.

Benefits of used tea bag for eyes. Utilizing used tea bags for eye care can be an alternative to overcome various eye disorders. However, do not use any type of teabag. It’s recommended using used bags of black tea, white tea, or green tea. You can also use herbal teas, for example, rooibos tea, chamomile tea,

6 Positive Steps Facing Children Are Afraid to Swim.

For children, swimming is a fun activity as well as an activity that could nourish their body. But not all children like or enjoy swimming. Sometimes you facing children are afraid to swim. If your child is one who is afraid to swim, you will certainly persuade the child to want to learn to swim.

How to Keep Children Away from Fast Food?

How to Keep Children Away from Fast Food? Every parent certainly understands and know exactly the dangers of eating fast food. Foods that are processed for longer lasting course require chemicals to preserve them. Chemicals such as borax, food coloring, artificial sugar, etc. are very harmful to children. In addition to causing obesity, chemicals are

15 Ways Of Daily Facial Treatment For Your Face.

With the density of daily activities, the skin will be exposed to various dirt and dust and exposed to sunlight. However, behind all the busyness that we experience, we must keep the skin to keep it clean and also bright. No need to be done at the beauty salon, you can do various series of

Preventing High Blood Pressure: Tips on Controlling Prehypertension

When blood pressure increases slightly, also called prehypertension, you may not be too concerned about it. Many consider this not a serious matter. However, blood pressure that is less than normal can turn out to be a danger. Is this prehypertensive condition bound to develop into hypertension (high blood pressure)? What is prehypertension? Prehypertension is

How To Clean Fruits and Vegetables Properly?

How to clean fruits and vegetables properly? It’s important to make sure the fruits and vegetables you’re eating clean before they are processed further. It should be washed and cleaned before consumption. Although the process of vegetable leaching can actually reduce the content of vitamins and minerals in it, however, it may still contain harmful