Does Green Coffee Help Reduce Weight?

Does green coffee help reduce weight? Green coffee for diet is considered to be able to lose weight and lately has become popular among people who are trying to lose weight. In addition to being said to help reduce weight, the effect can also reduce blood pressure. Basically, the green coffee bean extract is taken from the roasted coffee beans. The extract is generally sold in pill form. The generally recommended dosage is between 60-185 mg per day.

Does green coffee help reduce weight

What distinguishes green coffee with other coffee?

Green coffee comes from ordinary coffee beans which are consumed by brewing. The difference is, green coffee beans are not baked first. Even so, coffee beans generally contain chlorogenic acid compounds. This compound is believed to have active antioxidants that help reduce blood pressure and weight.

Several small studies show that someone who drinks green coffee drinks can lose 1.3-2.2 kg compared to those who do not drink the coffee. As for the coffee beans through the roasting process, chlorogenic acid content has been reduced in large amounts so that the effect is not the same as consuming coffee beans without roasting. Green coffee is also considered to reduce blood sugar and inhibit fat accumulation.

A study of green coffee bean extract shows the potential in helping to lose weight. But the effect in reducing the body is only small and the study was not carried out for a long time. So in other words, there is not enough evidence that the benefits of green coffee extract are effective or safe in the long run.

The experts then compared a high-fat diet without chlorogenic acid to a high-fat diet plus high levels of chlorogenic acid in mice. Judging from the accumulation of fat in cells in the liver, the development of disorders that lead to type 2 diabetes in mice given chlorogenic acid is found. Based on these studies, it was stated that the administration of high levels of chlorogenic acid in high fat diets did not protect themselves from metabolic syndrome.

Before consuming green coffee.

In addition to being viewed from the side of using green coffee, these herbal food ingredients still have side effects. This is because green coffee also contains caffeine, just like other types of coffee. Caffeine side effects that can be caused include the appearance of headaches, abdominal pain, anxiety attacks, difficulty sleeping, and / or frequent urination.

  1. Have glaucoma, anxiety disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, digestive system disorders, or bleeding disorders. Caffeine content in green coffee can also be dangerous if given to groups of people with conditions:
  2. Because there is no evidence of safety, the use of green coffee supplements in children and pregnant or lactating women is not recommended.
  3. Green coffee can risk interacting with many drugs, including blood thinners and stimulants. Don’t drink green coffee along with stimulant herbal medicines or other supplements that contain caffeine.

If you want to try to consume green coffee as a weight loss, it is advisable to consult with your doctor first. Especially if you experience several conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure or are taking other types of drugs. Using green coffee as part of a weight loss diet might help, but experts agree that there is no better substitute for maintaining healthy eating habits and exercising regularly. It is recommended to reduce calorie intake by 500-1000 calories and exercise for 60-90 minutes for several days a week.



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