15 Tips: How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips Permanently.

How to get rid of chapped lips permanently? Dry and chapped lips are a common condition. Especially if you have dry skin. Lips have unique conditions. There are no oil glands to keep the lips moist. Therefore, exposure to sunlight or low humidity can make the lips dry easily.

15 Tips to get rid dry and chapped lips.
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Why can lips dry?

There are many factors that can cause lip disorders, such as environmental conditions, weather, room temperature, a body that is sick, or bad habits. However, there are some people who may suffer dry and cracked lips due to Cheilitis infection. Cheilitis is characterized by cracked skin around the corners of the lips. To prevent and overcome dry and cracked lips you can do the things below so that your lips are always healthy and naturally red.

  1. Use petroleum jelly, which you can apply on the surface of the lips regularly. Petroleum jelly is useful to protect fluid levels on the surface of the skin. Thus, the skin will maintain moisture while helping the healing process if there is a wound on the skin.
  2. Almond oil can be an option to moisturize the skin of the lips, remove dead skin cells and redden the lips, and remove nicotine deposits that stick to the skin of the lips.
  3. Use a lip balm that contains sunscreen every time you move outdoors. This moisturizer is to prevent the effects of ultraviolet exposure which can make the skin including lips become dry and easy to peel.
  4. If your lips are sensitive, avoid exposure to allergens that can trigger the allergic recurrence. One example of allergens are cosmetic products that contain certain fragrances or chemicals.
  5. Avoid over-changing lipsticks, especially those that are matte, because they can make your lips dry. Use a moisturizer every before and after using lipstick. You can also use petroleum jelly to remove lipstick, as well as moisturize it.
  6. To prevent chapped lips, you should use a non-scented lip balm. Even though it looks attractive, flavored lip balm will actually make your lips dry and cracked.
  7. Avoid tugging at the peeling skin. Use a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells. Apply it to your lips using your fingers, then rub it gently, then use lip balm. You can even make it yourself with honey or petroleum jelly mixed with a little sugar.
  8. Licking the lips too often will actually make it drier. Because the saliva attached to the lips can evaporate quickly so your lips will feel drier than before.
  9. As well as licking your lips, the habit of biting your lips can also threaten the health of your lips. This will irritate the lips; make the layers torn and cracked, even bleeding.
  10. Consume enough water every day can prevent dehydration while helping to moisturize the lips. If you are dehydrated, your risk of experiencing chapped lips will be even greater.
  11. One of the bad effects of smoking is blackening the skin of the lips. This is caused by nicotine which settles on the surface of the lips. As a result, the lips become dry, peeling, and blackening.
  12. Malnutrition due to alcohol is one of the causes of dry and cracked lips and interferes with the absorption of vitamins in the body to meet adequate vitamin intake.
  13. Always clean your lips after you are done. Make sure there are no lipstick sticks.
    Especially at night. You can do this by using lip makeup remover. You can also use cotton wool soaked in clean water, then you can apply lip butter or honey to all your lips for lip care at night.
  14. Regularly consume green vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber and water such as watermelons, melons, tomatoes, or cucumbers to nourish and moisturize your lips. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables can facilitate blood circulation so that the skin tone and lips will look brighter naturally.
  15. Aloe vera is also useful for treating dark lips. This is a natural way to redden the lips. The method is easy, peel the aloe, take the gel then apply to the lips, let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

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