How to Keep Children Away from Fast Food?

How to Keep Children Away from Fast Food? Every parent certainly understands and know exactly the dangers of eating fast food. Foods that are processed for longer lasting course require chemicals to preserve them. Chemicals such as borax, food coloring, artificial sugar, etc. are very harmful to children. In addition to causing obesity, chemicals are responsible for decreasing the child’s brainpower.

Keep children away from junk food

Empty the refrigerator from fast food.

Saving snacks or fast food in the refrigerator will make it easier for children to access them. Throw away fast food so the child will not eat it. Because you may not be able to control the child at all times at home.

Replace with fruits.

Replace a child’s snack at home with fresh fruits instead of canned fruits. Vary with juice or mix with gelatin. You can also make a fruit soup maid soup favored by children. In addition, the habit of eating fruit is good for the development of children.

Get used to breakfast.

Breakfast is important to start the day. In addition to being an energy bank to conduct activities at school, breakfast makes the child is not easily hungry so expect the child is not too eager for the snack. To keep your child hungry longer, serve breakfast by using complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread. Complex carbohydrates require a long digesting process so that children are not easily hungry.

Schedule fast food.

Should schedule when children can eat fast food. Suppose in a week children can drink only one glass of soft drinks. The next week give one child’s favorite plastic snack. The danger of fast food is if consumed continuously. If the restrictions are made, occasionally eating a delicious burger and soft drinks in addition to not too dangerous will also please the child.

Healthy Lifestyles.

Parents should be role models for a healthy lifestyle. Stop bad eating habits, smoke in front of children, and exercise regularly. Encourage the child to exercise lightly every week. Sports together, in addition, can make a healthy body can also be a good activity togetherness. and quality. Besides, the sport will be much more fun.

Stop bad eating habits

Begin not to reward children in the form of junk food.

Sometimes you ask to help your work or to obey your request and advice by giving junk food rewards. From now on change the habit. Give another reward, for example, you will make your favorite foods that you cook yourself. In addition, it can also provide other types of rewards that are more appropriate and functional for your child.

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Explain the dangers of fast food.

Explain the danger of extra sugar in candy, soft drinks, and ice cream, for example, can damage teeth. How french fries and the fried chicken favorite for the body. By explaining, the child will understand why parents forbid them to eat fast food. If you already understand, the child certainly will not try to steal fast food eating without the knowledge of parents.

Anthony Robbins once said that the 21st-century man, digging graves with his teeth. Do you understand what it means? 🙂

Therefore, let us consider yuk, your child’s diet. Understand that what they consume will affect the future you know. If not you who care about your child’s health, who else? (HP) Do you have anything else to keep children away from fast food? Please share via the button on your top left and can also via Comments below.

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