Key Strategies To Successfully Lose Weight.

Success in losing weight is not an easy matter. The process of weight loss is not merely a matter of diet and regular exercise. Have you implemented yourself with key strategies to lose your weight?

Doing a diet without special preparation will not make the effects of weight loss last long, said Brian Quebbemann, MD, as the founder of the NEW program (Nutrition, Exercise, Wellness) in California. In a short time, weight can go back up because it is not properly maintained.

Therefore, before enjoying healthy physical changes that have long been dreaming of, you should first equip yourself with mental strategies as the key to the beginning of the process to lose weight your body.


Key Strategies To Successfully Lose Weight.

1. Determination.

Getting started is generally the most challenging thing to do. Particularly if it’s not related by a strong push. Try to think about the reasons you want to lose weight. Whether because it prevents chronic diseases, does not believe in body shape, or the size of clothing that is getting bigger and bigger.

Imagine what things you will get later after successfully losing weight. Praise from people about your body shape, avoid the risk of chronic diseases, or other things that you have long dreamed of. Avoid thinking too much about bad possibilities that might not necessarily occur. The more determined intention you have, the stronger the spirit to live and maintain a diet.

2. Ask for support from the closest person.

Don’t ignore the people closest to you in the process of weight loss. Ask for family support, friends, and even office friends to help monitor your daily life. Tell them not to hesitate when you “steal” two plates of food in one meal, lazy to exercise, or other things that can interfere with the running of your weight loss plan. It will grow in you will feel you have responsibilities also to other people. Not only on yourself.

3. Make a small purpose.

One thing you should not miss in listing your mental strategy is setting the final goal. However, instead of directly setting targets that are too high that tend to be difficult to reach, it’s better to set a small target for the short term first.

If you have a goal to lose 10 kilograms (kg) of body weight in the next 3 months, then try it gradually by reducing 3 kg every month. Or if you want to eliminate the habit of eating junk food 3 times a week, start by reducing it only 2 times a week, then gradually become 1 time, until finally, you can’t eat junk food at all.

Set easy targets that can at least encourage you to stay to reach the final goal. Don’t make a target that actually discourages you of achieving it.

4. Don’t focus too much on the scales.

The numbers listed on the scales are usually one of several determinants of the success or failure of your business in losing weight. Only, it turns out you are not recommended to weigh weight every day. In addition to being able to change weight every day, it can make you a pressure, because you are over concerned about changing the scales needles so you don’t even focus on the process you are currently living in.

Instead, set a specific time to scale your weight, for example, once a week. In addition, another thing that you must remember is that the scale is not the only determining factor in the diet. Body circumference that is getting smaller even though it is not related by weight loss, is also a sign that the diet and exercise that you live are right.

5. Reward yourself.

After previously set a target within a certain period of time, now is the time for you to prove it in a process. It doesn’t harm to occasionally reward yourself with a variety of favorite activities as an appreciation of your efforts in decreasing your weight. Rewarding yourself is the essential key strategies to successfully to your lose weight program.

For example, watching movies, pleasing yourself in a beauty salon, buying the latest novels, and other interesting things besides food. You can do this habit every time you reach your target at a certain time. It’s a sign of your gratitude to your effort after struggling for so long.

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