Lake Bled and The Wishing Bell of Bled Island.

It’s just not complete you go to Slovenia, without visit Lake Bled and the Bled Island which is known as a paradise for centuries of its natural beauty and the legend. Lake Bled is located in the northwestern region of Slovenia, precisely in the Julian Alps. The main attraction of the lake is Bled Island and an old castle on a cliff on the lake.




Lake Bled and Bled Island

Lake Bled is a most pretty green glacial lake with 2.120m long and 1.380m wide, and a depth of 30.6 meters. On one side of the lake is Bled castle, it is a medieval castle. This castle stands to tower on the highest cliff surrounded by scenic attraction from the highest peaks of the Julian Alps and Karavanke. This castle is the best spot to be able to have the beauty of Lake Bled.

In the middle of the lake is Bled Island, which is the only island in Slovenia. The island is accessible by using a traditional Slovenian traditional wooden boat called “pletna” and is operated by a rower or “Pletnars” in a standing position. The island is formed naturally in the middle of Lake Bled. Stand alone in the middle of the lake On this island there is a church that if from a distance looks like a castle with a beautiful tower.

99 Steps of the Assumption of MaryThe Assumption of Mary Church built in the 15th century with a tower as high as 52 meters. This church is at the highest point of Bled Island. To reach this church visitors must go up through 99 steps of stairs. It is told, according to the local story if you ring a bell in the church, your wishes can come true. This church also often used by the local community as a place of marriage blessing. According to local tradition, the groom who is going to get married must carry his female past the 99 steps.

On this island, you can also try riding a horse-drawn carriage called Fijakers to get around the island while enjoying the beauty of Lake Bled. A small road or 6 km trail around the lake will take tourists to Castle Hill, located on the hill. Not only that, from a distance visitors can enjoy the beautiful Gurung Karavanke peeking out from behind the trees.


Bled Castle.

Bled Castle as the oldest castle in Slovenia is called the most beautiful place to carry out marriages in Europe. This castle is also used as a museum where you can learn about traditional printing such as sealing wine bottles with candles. If you visit this island in the summer you can also enjoy an arrow tournament which is usually held in the summer.

Bled Castle or Blejski Grad in Slovenian locate at the end of a 130-meter high cliff overlooking Lake Bled. According to the historical record of the City of Bled, this castle established in 1011. After being destroyed by the earthquake, Bled Castle was restored in 1950. After entering the castle’s main door, visitors will arrive at the lower courtyard of the castle. Here there is a coffee shop that sells typical Bled City cakes, Kremsnita.

At the top of the castle, there is a Gothic chapel built in the 16th century. This chapel was founded in honor of Bishop St. Albuin and St. Ingenium. At the top of the castle, there is also a museum that tells the history of Bled City from time to time. The museum exhibits various relics of the past, such as artifacts and fossils. There is even a whole human skeleton dating from the 10th century.

Near the lower courtyard of the castle is the Printing Museum which exhibits an ancient printing machine called Gutenberg. Using this machine, Slovenia’s first book entitled “Catechismus And Abecedarium” was printed. The book is also on display at this museum. Visitors can also see a demonstration of how the Gutenberg printing press works.

Inside Bled Castle is a wine cellar which is now a museum. Here visitors can taste various types of wine and watch the demonstrations of winemaking in the traditional way. Visitors can also try making their own wine and can be taken home as souvenirs.



Bled City cakes, Kremsnita.

Kremsnita cake is 7cmx7cm in size. Consisting of two layers of thin biscuits and two layers of yellow and white cream. Fine sugar sprinkles decorate the top layer of the cake. The biscuit layer is a bit hard. It’s hard to cut with a fork without using a little energy. The cream layer feels high in milk. Soft on the tongue. Suitable to be eaten with warm chocolate.

Legend of Wishing Bell on Bled Island.

Formerly Bled Island was trusted by the local community as the residence of the Ancient Goddess of Love Slavic Nation “Ziva“. Currently, on the island, there is a Gothic-themed church, “Saint Mary“, which was built when Astro-Hungary ruled Slovenia. Many newlywed couples visit this church to ring a bell at the church location. According to legend, those who managed to ring the bell, all their wishes will be fulfilled. The existence of this bell according to the local community is very special because it is given directly by the Pope.

The Wishing Bell legend began around 1500, when a Noble Lake Bled, Hartman Kreigh, disappeared. Local people believed that he had been killed, and his body was thrown to the bottom of Lake Bled. At Bled Castle, Poliksena grieved the death of his beloved husband. In her unbearable sadness, she collects all the gold and silver she had to melt and made a bell that would be placed in a church on Bled Island in memory of her husband.

However, when the bell was taken on the way to Bled Island, a storm struck the boat to sink all the passengers and valuable cargo to the bottom of the lake. Poliksena again felt deep in sadness. She sold all the assets she owned, and the proceeds of the sale were all given for the construction of the church on Bled Island. She left Bled and went to Rome to become a nun until the end of her life.

The Pope then heard the kindness, devotion, and sad story of the Poliksena. He then ordered that a new bell is made and placed in the church tower on Bled Island to commemorate it.

The Pope states that anyone who rings the bell 3 times and believes in the existence of God, then his wishes will come true. Until now, many newlyweds have come to Bled Island to ring the bell in the hope that all their wishes will come true, but before the bridegroom had to carry his bride while climbing 99 steps to arrive at the church.

The legend also says that the bells that sink to the bottom of Lake Bled still occasionally clang. To show that the bell is still at the bottom of the lake, divers will lift the bell to the surface of the lake at a special event that coincides with Christmas Day every December 25th. In the middle of winter, usually in February, Lake Bled hosts the Winter Swimming Cup participants held since 2010.

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