How To Maintain Physical Health and Mental Health In Your Healthy Lifestyle?

exercise-to-maintain-physical-mental-health-in-your-Healthy-LifeHow To Maintain Physical Health and Mental Health In Your Healthy Lifestyle? Make sure you can still share the time to keep your health on the sidelines of your busy life. Now, maintaining and caring for health in modern society is sometimes forgotten. Drowning in busyness to meet needs and lifestyle. Especially in big cities, the level of public awareness is still small or even tend to decrease towards a healthy lifestyle. Though growing a healthy life is not complicated, even can be done through the small things in our daily lives.

What is Healthy?

Who does not want to be healthy? Surely everyone always wants to live in good health. But what exactly is a healthy condition? Healthy can be said when a function can run normally as it should. And if what happens to the related function is the opposite, then it can be said is not healthy. Associated with healthy living, then a healthy condition is when a person’s physical performance can work well, there is no disturbance whatsoever. Conversely, when there is a disruption in a person’s physical function so that it can not function properly, it can be considered a person’s physical condition is in an unhealthy condition or sick.

How-to-maintain-physical-mental-health-in-your-healthy-lifestyleWHO (World Health Organization) defines healthy is a perfect state whether physical, mental and social not only free from disease or weakness. Health definition according to WHO this is healthy as a whole, good physical, spiritual, environment following factors and components that play a role in it. Healthy according to WHO consists of an important unity of the 4 basic components that make up the ‘positive health’, namely: Physical Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health, and Social Welfare.

According to Paune (1983), healthy is an effective function of self-care resources (self-care resources) that ensure self-care actions. Sources of self-care (Self-care Resouces) include knowledge, skills, and attitudes. While Self Care Actions is a behavior that suits the purpose needed to obtain, maintain and improve psychosocial and spiritual function.

According to Perkins. that health is a balanced and dynamic state between form & body function as well as various factors that influence it.

Neuman: Stating that health is a balance of biopsies, socio, cultural and spiritual on three flexible, normal and resistant lines of defense.

What happens to our life’s now?

Technological advances give encouragement to society to achieve a better standard of living, but on the other hand, and the technology with its ever-evolving innovation also have an increasingly competitive impact. This makes every individual in society not only working hard and competing to survive in meeting basic needs, but also to achieve their goals in meeting the needs of improving their lifestyle. This growth has the effect of a domino effect on people’s lives with increasing burdens and life pressures that must be exceeded. So what happens next?

1. The regularity of a healthy lifestyle starting to marginalize.

The regularity of a healthy life that should be a top priority, gradually, unconsciously, increasingly marginalized. There arises an unbalanced of physical and spiritual causes, triggering a person’s level of fatigue at two points is increasing. While on the one hand, the effort to maintain balance both becomes irregular. Reduced bedtime. Lack of exercise. Irregular diet. Similarly, the intake of nutrients and inadequate nutrition. Fast food that on one side helps in the effectiveness of time, but on the other hand, these foods do not always have a positive impact on one’s health.

2. Unhealthy lifestyles in children’s life.

These conditions are getting worse because it’s not just adults people who have an unhealthy lifestyle, but teenagers and even children are also caught in unhealthy lifestyles. Eating fast food that is not necessarily always good for health. Linger on playing games, forget the time to eat. sleep late into the night also lacks exercise activity.

3. Unhealthy lifestyles in the family.

Lack of good relationships in the family will have an adverse impact, especially on one’s mental development. The availability of time in the day is partly used for activities outside the home. Plus office work that had to be completed at home. Lack of dinner time together as one of the times and places to share stories. Each member of the family is busy with their own gadgets, which all practically reduces the quantity and quality of relationships among family members. Because fostering good relationships among fellow family members is also one of the efforts to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

How to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Maintain physical health.

There are two things that a person must meet to achieve a physical health balance. First is to improve and maintain the routine performance and function of the organs of the body. The second is to provide and control the appropriate nutritional intake required by the body. these two important factors must be maintained in well balanced in our lives.

physical-health-infographic-physical-activityMaintain your body performance.

  1. Regular Exercise.

    Doing sports activities is very powerful in raising your body resistance to various kinds of disease attacks. Regular exercise can also enhance our passion and excitement, excessive exercise with irregular time also will not produce good results, because human physical strength is limited. Suggestions that I can give, do exercise a day maximum of 30 minutes such as morning run or jogging.

  2. Regular breaks.

    Do not until you force your body in work because our body also takes time to rest that serves to restore stability performance of the organs in the body. Usually, we are recommended to rest for 6 hours in a day, this time do not until you ignore the acting is solid.

  3. Avoid the habit of staying up.

    For those who do a lot of activity during the day then avoid staying up late in the night. Stay up late will make the body condition becomes less healthy. The effects of staying up late can cause many diseases in our body such as Weight problems. the immune system weakens heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, headaches, weak reflexes.

  4. Get used to sleep early and wake up early.

    The habit of waking up is great for keeping your body healthy. When we get up in the morning, we will breathe fresh air that has not been polluted by various air pollution so that clean oxygen intake is fulfilled. Clean oxygen also affects the performance of the brain so that the mind is calmer and easier to think positively and issue brilliant ideas.

  5. Maintain cleanliness of body and environment.

    Hygiene is one of the keys to the health of the body. Take care of your personal hygiene and environment. Personal hygiene such as wash your hands before you eat and after eating. Bathe 2 times a day so that germs and bacteria that can attack your health do not stick to your body.

  6. Regularly check your physical health.

    It’s a good idea to check your body’s health to a physician who is an expert in physical health. Conduct blood tests in the laboratory. Especially with regard to blood sugar, cholesterol content, gout, blood pressure.

Maintain and control food nutritional intake.

  1. Drink a lot of water.

    Body needs of water every day is at least 1.5 liters or equivalent to about 8 cups. Water is needed by the body to meet the body’s need for fluids. Our body 70% consists of liquid so the need for water needs to be met. How to maintain a healthy body with the benefits of water, can not be replaced by other water. Water is very good for your health and serves as a detox. Many people are protected from various diseases because they consume very much water. Water will help in restoring your body fluids and disposing of the stools in the stomach through the urine. Get used to drinking water before and after sleep.

  2. Reduce coffee.

    For those of you fans of coffee reduce your coffee consumption if you want your body to stay healthy. Coffee contains a caffeine hazard that if consumed in a lot of levels will cause negative effects on the health of the body. High caffeine content in kpo may interfere with cardiac performance.

  3. Avoid alcoholic beverages.

    Because it can result in damage to the organs/body parts of the drinker. For example, soft tissue damage is present in the oral cavity, around the throat, and in the digestive system (inside the abdomen). The human organs most prone to alcoholism are the liver or liver.

  4. Avoid smoking.

    There are 4,000 chemical components found in cigarettes and 250 of them are harmful to human health. One is the level of 1,3-Butadiene, which is a chemical commonly used to produce rubber. This chemical will increase the risk of stomach cancer, blood cancer, and lymph cancer.

  5. Eat nutritious food.

    The seeds in each food will vary, there are foods that contain good seeds for your body. Choose good food and contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and protein to maintain your physical health.

  6. Eating fruits.

    Especially fruits that can prevent free radicals Your daily activities will not be separated from air and smoke pollution. This condition will cause your physical health decreased even weakened.

  7. Drink multivitamins.

    Multivitamin your body needs to increase the nutritional intake of vegetables and fruits. Drink a multivitamin that matches your body’s health.

  8. Eat foods that contain vitamin D.

    Meet your body needs with vitamin D. Vitamin D serves to protect your body from various germs, diseases, viruses and bacteria that attack because vitamin D acts as stimulating immune cells so that the body’s immune will be strong against various disease attacks.

  9. Avoid fast food in excess.

    Generally, fast food contains high levels of calories, fat, salt, sugar and low in fiber content.

  10. Control your portions.

    The impact of the excessive eating portion will cause many diseases. Among them will cause diabetes, impaired function in brain insulin signals.

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