10 Tips To Overcome Fast Food Addiction.

How to overcome Fast Food Addiction? Because according to a study, those who like to eat fast food not only health conditions that will worsen but also the psychological condition. Another fact that is quite surprising, it turns out there is a fairly strong relationship between the habit of consuming fast food with depression.

According to a study conducted by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Granada, there is a significant relationship between the habit of consuming fast food with the increased possibility to experience depression. Based on the research, they found a surprising fact that: ‘People who consumed fast food had a 51 percent higher risk of depression than those who had never consumed fast food.


From the results of our study, participants who like to consume fast food is single, inactive, and have the poor diet. They rarely eat vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods. Some of them also have a fairly severe smoking habit and work more than 45 hours per week.

Types of fast food usually contain many chemical preservatives, flavorings, dyes, and others. These chemicals can not only cause addictive effects to consuming them continuously but also can cause various adverse effects to the health of the body.

Nutritional content in fast food is also very unbalanced. Fast food is very high in carbohydrates, sugar, salt, calories, and unhealthy fats. These substances in a very large number of the effect are not good for the body.

One of the harmful effects to the body is that it can cause obesity, the risk of exposure to various dangerous and deadly diseases such as cholesterol, high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease, cancer, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, stroke, liver, and other dangerous diseases.

If you are a fan of fast food and do not know how to eliminate these bad habits, consider some of the following tips that are useful for you to overcome the fast food addiction.


Understand the adverse effects and risks of illnesses that can be drawn.

One powerful way to stop a bad habit is to know the negative impacts and risks that can result from these bad habits. Eating fast food and junk food has a bad effect on health. Starting from the problem of obesity, the risk of exposure to various diseases dangerous and deadly, the decline in health conditions of the body, to affect the psychic condition that can cause depression.

10-how-to-overcome-fast-food-addictionOnce you know the negative effects of fast foods that are very harmful to the body, try to compare with the benefits you get from the habit.You can save time and energy because you do not have to bother to prepare a healthy diet. You also do not have to spend a lot of money because they do not have to buy other foods that are healthier but try to compare with the dangers and adverse effects that you will receive. It’s not comparable, is it? If so, why else to keep the bad habits of consuming fast food?

Enrich your insight with info about good and healthy lifestyle. It can motivate yourself to keep the spirit of eliminating bad and unhealthy habits.

Understand the Nutritional Content You Eat.

By knowing the nutritional content of the food you eat, you will more easily manage your desire to buy fast food. For example like this, you are in two choices between eating bread with peanut butter or fried chicken fast food. Knowing that peanut butter contains a good thiamine substance for your brain’s health and also knowing that fast-food fried chicken contains a harmful substance called carcinogens, surely you’ll drop your choice to eat peanut butter?

Strengthen your determination to stop consuming fast food.

Once you know the disadvantages and negative effects of fast food for your body, surely now it has appeared the intention in you to stop or reduce the bad habits. Next, round out your determination to stop eating fast food. That strong determination must be within you.

Avoid fast food restaurants.

If indeed you are determined to stop the bad habits of eating fast food, you also have to be determined and intent to avoid the restaurants that sell fast food. Strengthen your resolve not to be easily tempted by the fast food foods you normally eat.

Engage your Friends or Family.

If you are the type of person who has weak self-control, then involve your friends or family to help control you. How to overcome Fast Food Addiction? Maybe someday you are tempted with burgers or fries from your fast food restaurant subscription. If the intention arises, please contact your friends or family immediately. If you yourself have not been able to solve the problem, support from family or friends is an effective way to help control yourself.

Avoid eating with people who also like and addicted to fast food.

Your determination and intentions can waver and break down instantly if you are used to eating with people who also like to eat fast food. Most likely you will be tempted to also eat the same foods with them.

Switch to healthy food.

Slowly, turn to healthy foods, like fruits, vegetables. Continue to grow your love for healthy food. When you get used to it, then you will also by itself prefer to enjoy a healthy diet rather than unhealthy foods such as fast food and junk food.

Learn to cook and love cooking.

Try to learn cooking. If you have a great love for the world of cooking, there will be a desire within you to cook your own food you want. Prioritize cooking healthy foods. For that, it could not hurt you a little know the science of nutrition and health in order to cook a healthy diet.

Plan Your Eating Menu.

People choose to eat fast food for several reasons. Alsan is the first because they do not have time to go to the vegetable store so they prefer to buy fast food. Some others because they have been addicted to fast food so they are lazy to consume other types of food.

Whatever your reasons, you can eliminate the habit of always consuming fast food. The trick is to plan your food menu before. At night you should start thinking about what foods you will eat tomorrow, starting from breakfast until the following night a healthy snack.

If you’re going to work late, pack a salad or vegetable so you do not have to go to a fast-food restaurant. No matter how busy you are, take your time to prepare or at least choose the healthier food for you. Your high busyness cannot be justified for you to constantly eat fast food without control.

Make a Shopping List.

Are you among those who are confused about what to buy after arriving at the vegetable store? If so, it’s a good idea to make a healthy shopping list before you go to a vegetable or market store. This is to avoid you buying food that you do not need. Creating a shopping list can also save time for those of you who have less time due to very busy activities.


You need to be consistent to continue to make efforts to stop the bad habits of consuming fast food. If it is not consistent, it will be worth it all the effort you’ve done before. In fact, it is not impossible you will back again fall into the bad habits again.If you still have not stopped eating fast food, try slowly to consistently reduce it.

Give Yourself a Gift.

To encourage yourself, it’s good to occasionally reward yourself. The rewards can be anything. To be sure you do not reward yourself with a full menu of fast food restaurants. This will only make your efforts so far to be in vain.

For example, you can gift yourself a walk with a healthy, homemade food.Do not you already know the science of healthy food now? Not now you are also good at cooking a variety of healthy food menu? And, is not eating homemade food much more enjoyable?

The gift you give for your efforts to eliminate bad habits is a sign that you love yourself. Furthermore, love yourself can also do with how to maintain a healthy body and apply a good and healthy lifestyle.

The point of the above is to start educating yourself about food and healthy lifestyles, educating yourself about the dangers and bad effects that can result from unhealthy foods, making the decision to stop unhealthy habits, and act immediately to eliminate the habit of consuming unhealthy food.

Well, that was a few tips that you can try to eliminate bad habits of eating fast food addiction. With a strong intention, you can definitely eliminate these bad habits.

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