In A Romantic Lake Tekapo and The Expanse of Lupines.

It’s not about of two couples in love. It’s about somewhere in New Zealand, a place where you will be taken into a romantic Lake Tekapo and The Expanse of Lupines. Lake Tekapo is one of the sophisticated natural scenery that can not be missed when you visit New Zealand. The lake is located about 3 hours drive to southwest Christchurch in Mackenzie Basin.

Lake Tekapo.

Lake Tekapo has a beautiful view that pampers the eyes. The water is blue and as well as the expanse of grass and purple-pink lupine flowers around Lake Tekapo,  add beautiful scenery around the lake because the color is so stunning.

In this lake Tekapo, you can also enjoy the view of a series of mountains, lakes of blue sparkling water, and a wide expanse of sky. The air is also fresh. But in winter, the wind is very fast.Do not forget to wear leggings before the pants and use many layers of clothes.Recommended clothing materials are fleece, windbreaker, socks and thermal gloves. All of that is very helpful. Because in the morning and evening is very cold and windy.

To stay overnight, you can stay at some of the lodging available around Lake Tekapo such as resorts, motels, camping sites and RV (Recreation Vehicle) parking spaces and indulge in hot springs near the lake.

Lupine Flowers.

Lupine Flowers is usually going to bloom a lot in November to December each year. Rusell Lupins (Lupine polyphyllus) is a plant that can grow up to a height of 1.5 meters. This exotic lupine is a perennial plant that flowering and planting seed in the summer, then die down to the base of the stem during the winter and will reappear the following summer.

Beautiful Lupine flowers at Lake Tekapo.The head of this flower has a variety of bright and refreshing colors like blue, purple, orange, yellow, white, pink, there is also a mixture of two colors contained in one flower.If you want to see the beauty of this flower, in addition to Lake Tekapo you can also see it along the Mackenzie area road.

Tekapo Spring.

Lake Tekapo is one of the most beautiful lakes on the South Island. The villages around the lake provide bicycle lane facilities. Some even passed the historic church right by the lake toward the pine forest.

The best way to counteract the cold temperatures at Tekapo is by soaking in the outdoor hot spring pool while looking at the stars. Located at the base of John’s mountain, three swimming pools in Tekapo Springs are surrounded by tall, tall fir trees. This location is open from 10am to 9pm daily.

The stretch of Lake Tekapo and the stunningly charming Southern Alps, providing an amazingly marvelous location for this perfect family recreation park. Go into the hot tub and admire the spectacular scenery in complete comfort. The water temperature is still between 40 ° C, and the massage jet will relieve any pain you may feel.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the water slide as high as 11 meters. More exciting activities can be found at the nearby tire park. In winter, this area becomes a 150-meter-long snowfield that you can cross over a wide arena. Have a look in the summer to see if you can explore turns and turns of synthetic grass lanes.

After a relaxing or adrenaline rush, enjoy a full dinner in the café and bar. Hot dishes and snacks are served throughout the day. Enjoy your meal from an unrivaled viewing location overlooking the lake.

Tekapo water springs are at the southern tip of Lake Tekapo, driven by about 3 hours drive from Christchurch. You have to pay to enter and are charged extra for treatment, such as massage. Find accommodation on Lake Tekapo or nearby Twizel and Fairlie towns.

Tekapo Springs – image by picquery –


The Little Church of the Good Shepherd.

It’s a small church built in stone this time has the uniqueness of a long window that is very clear that it shows the clear view of the lake at the altar.The old church built in 1935 is a major attraction that must be visited in Lake Tekapo.This beautiful church looks very beautiful from any angle.No wonder many visitors will take a special time to just be able to take some pictures of this church.

A Little Church of the Good Shepherd

A Little Church of the Good Shepherd – image by pxhere.

Mackenzie Sheep Dog Statue.

A few yards from the church stands a Sheepdog statue. The statue was established in recognition of the role of these dogs during the period of settlement development in Mackenzie Basin. Enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes and mountains. The Shepherd Dog Sculpture on the shores of Lake Tekapo is a tribute to the dogs that the Scottish shepherds used during the 19th century. According to locals, this statue is the brainchild of the wife of Lake Tekapo farmers. Upon completion, the statue was sent to England for bronze coating. The statue finally stood in 1968.sheep-dog-statue-tekapo

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