Sheet Masks for Face Skin Health.

Sheet masks are face masks in the form of sheets made from natural fibers such as paper, cotton, cellulose or coconut pulp. This sheet usually has gone through a chemical process enriched with serum and water as its main ingredient. Its practical usage, taken by various content variants, makes sheet mask one of the mainstay products that is often included in the daily skin care routine.

Commonly, these masks are made with various vitamins, minerals, and certain protein content according to the type and benefits offered. Compared to other regular masks, sheet masks can only be applied once. After sticking to the face, the sheet can discard immediately. The remaining serum attaches to the face is allowed to sink in without the need to wash your face. While regular masks can be used repeatedly and need to be cleansed with water until clean after use.

This mask can also apply by anyone from young to old, both women and men, as long as it is adapting to the needs of your skin. For the best use, it’s best to use this mask at night because its dense nature can make your face look shiny and oily if used in the morning before you move outdoors.


Benefits of sheet masks for face skin health.

The principal benefit of sheet mask is to provide moisture to the face intensively. The face appears more springy and avoids dryness. Additional vitamins, minerals, and also protein in this product will also provide more advantage. On dull skin, a sheet mask containing vitamin C and Niacinamide can give a glowing effect on the skin. The content of tea tree oil and lemon extract can help relieve skin that tends to break out. While products containing hyaluronic acid can help improve fine wrinkles on the face.

The sheet masks are also useful for refreshing and moisturizing the skin practically. Particularly, when you are traveling to a heated area. Simply apply the mask for 10 to 15 minutes, the skin will refresh.

How many times can I use sheet masks every day?

There is no maximum limit on the use of this facial skin care product. It’s because generally these types of products are designed to be safe to use every day. However, it’s recommended to use it one to two times a week. Because the content is quite diverse and sometimes it is too occlusive or can inhibit the evaporation of water on the surface of the skin. It can cause the skin difficult to breathe.

You can also apply different sheet mask products, as long as you are not allergic to the product content. It is important to read the active ingredients listed in it before deciding to buy it. Choose the products that match with your facial skin.

Things to consider before buying a sheet mask.

The most important thing is to buy a sheet masks according to the type of skin on your face. Is your skin dry or oily? If you have dry facial skin, then choose the type of mask containing vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Meanwhile, for those of you who have oily skin, choose a mask with basic ingredients of tea tree oil and lemon.

However, if you have oily facial skin, it is advisable not to use this product because it can close your facial pores, it makes your skin more oily. You are better off using a moisturizer made from a gel or lotion that is lighter on the skin.

Things you should know before using sheet masks.

1. Cannot replace the benefits of traditional masks.

Sheet masks are not the same as the content and properties compared to traditional topical masks. Sheet masks also cannot clean the face and remove dead skin cells on the face like a topical mask. However, most sheet masks are made with various vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, so they are quite well used as facial care products.

2. Keep using the serum and other care products.

Even though it has been filled with various types of vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to use other facial care products. Dr. Debbie Palmer said that the mask directly sticking from this paper cannot moisturize your face for a full day. So, you still need other facial treatments such as moisturizer, sunscreen, or even a special serum to maximize your facial care.

3. Sheet masks not suitable for facial acne.

This mask can make facial skin temperature change suddenly because of its water content. This mask is less suitable for those of you who have acne. Its because while the face temperature rises, this mask can actually increase the number of bacteria on the covering of the skin which causes acne to get worse.

It recommends for those of you who have acne and oily facial skin, try it first in a day before using this mask. Do this by attaching a mask on the cheek skin, and see the results whether the skin becomes irritated or not. If the next day the skin is fine, please continue to use. But if not, stop using it and switch to another mask.

4. How to use sheet masks?

Sheet masks are only available in one size for all types of faces. Not everyone has the same face and curve as this paper mask curve. To wear it properly, please start attaching the mask from your forehead first, then down to the eyes, to the nose, then spread on the left and right forehead or cheeks. After that, match the position of the lips to the chin. Use it while lying down for more comfortable and fitting wear worn on your face.

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