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Tea Tree Oil: Benefits and Side Effects.

Tree tea oil benefits for health has become popular lately. It has strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This plant itself comes from Australia and in Latin is called Australia melaleuca alternifolia, and has long been studied for health and beauty. This product is also very effective in treating wounds, killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Today, tea tree

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Nutmeg.

Health benefits of nutmeg have been famous for a long time. Nutmeg is used from ingredients in many culinary to natural remedies for various diseases. One of the best quality producers of nutmeg in the world is Banda Neira Island, Indonesia. Health benefits of nutmeg. Improve brain health. Nutmeg contains myristicin and macelignan compounds. These compounds

Gotu Kola Benefits for Health.

Gotu Kola is a plant that has many benefits for health. It becomes many in Asia. Since thousands of years ago, gotu kola was called an eternal herb that is used to treat various diseases. The benefits of Gotu kola attract many experts to further examine the effectiveness of this herbal plant. Some of its properties

Constipation Treatment with Essential Oil.

Constipation treatment with essential oil can be your choice to deal with constipation naturally. Constipation causes can occur due to various things. Starting from the wrong eating habits, lack of drinking, lack of exercise, and irritable bowel disease. Usually, it can be overcome by changing your diet, taking supplements, and taking laxatives. However, experts also found

Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin Health.

Usually, turmeric applies as a mixture of cooking ingredients. Some people also use turmeric as an herbal treatment. Instead, we can also gain the benefits of turmeric for skin health. Turmeric which is rich in antioxidant content is believed to be able to delay the skin aging process. Antioxidants in turmeric can also inhibit peroxidation, and

Celery Benefits To Your Health.

Celery plants are included in the Umbelliferae plant family. Have a botanical name Apium Graveolens. This plant is a leaf vegetable and medicinal plants. Mostly used as a spice cooking, especially for the soup dish. Celery also has a distinctive flavor. Celery is also often used as a garnish to beautify the appearance of cuisine