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Gedung Merdeka: From Sociëteit Concordia To Bandung Conference.

Gedung Merdeka Bandung has a long history until finally in 1955 it became the venue for the Bandung Conference or also popular with Asia Africa Conference/Afro Asia Conference. The enchantment of the architecture of Gedung Merdeka, which locates on Jalan Asia Afrika No.56, Bandung, West Java, remains a particular attraction for anyone passing along the streets of

The House of Wonders In Stone Town-Zanzibar Island.

The House of Wonders In Stone Town is one of large administrative building credited by Barghash bin Said, The Second Sultan of Zanzibar. This grand 17th-century old building also known as Palace of Wonders (in Arabic: Beit–al–Ajaib) was the first building used the electricity in the Zanzibar Island. Built during the ages of the Zanzibar